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Artist and rising star George Weait tells us about his energetic, expressive work which aims to spread positivity, love and happiness through the canvas

Having grown up in Henley, 22-year-old George attended Gillotts School and Henley College before graduating in illustration from Kingston University. Now based in Brighton - 'for the light and inspiration' - he works as a model and artist, taking inspiration from the energy of club dance floors, raves and socialising. We're intrigued...

What made you decide to take this creative career path?

I have always been fascinated with creation and developing new ideas that can depict a completely new world. The possibilities of outcomes for design are limitless. As I go through life and find myself being filled with inspiration and wonder, I need to find an outlet to express my feelings and emotions and what better way than on a canvas.

Iris Flower

Where do you find inspiration?

A lot of my inspiration stems from my love for socialising, nights out, dancing and music. The way that the dance floor lights up with energy from an abundance of happy dancers and characters ignites a passion to display this on a surface. I find myself remembering the night or event and depicting it through the movement of my materials and the colour choice within the painting.

Positivity, love and happiness are what I want to communicate through my artwork.

Describe your typical working day

My typical working day will involve me cycling over to my studio and painting on canvases, card and within my sketchbook; listening to music and feeling the vibe of the day. Some days are more successful than others, but as long as I am having fun that is the most important thing.

I will always have a sketchbook on me, so that If I see something I want to quickly get down or an idea that springs to mind, I can. Therefore I am always generating ideas for future paintings.

Night Girl

What has been the biggest highlight and biggest challenge to date?

My biggest highlight will have to be my Degree Show for Kingston University at the Oxo tower, South Bank mid 2021. The culmination of a year's work and showcasing alongside my peers really meant a lot. The support was tremendous and I loved the whole experience. It depicted what I had been working towards for those three years at uni.

My biggest challenge would be dry spots of inspiration. Art can flow and sometimes it can not. Over the winter, I struggled producing paintings due to the artwork not drying and therefore not being able to layer. Also, not being able to go out as much suppressed the fuel that drives a lot of my artwork. I struggled with ideas and momentum.

Walking for Miles

Best nugget of wisdom you can share?

I would say to just keep drawing everywhere you go. I would always sketch from observation and I was constantly searching for that thing that inspired me the most, and gave me the most pleasure when sketching. After a fair amount of time, I realised that people dancing, characters on a night out and the energy you get from clubs, raves etc. was what I loved to draw. From that I pushed different materials, mediums and continued to progress as an artist.

Where can we find out more?

I have an instagram where I am very regular with uploads from my current work. @georgeweaitart

I also have a website where you can find work for sale.

I am very grateful to all of the individuals who have supported me by purchasing my work over the last 12 months as this is what enables me to do what I love the most. I am looking forward to my first major solo show this summer, in London.

Stay Strong

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