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SPOTLIGHT ON: Iain Bennett

Iain brings design ideas to life via 3-D visuals and CGI, at his visualisation studio Envisage 3D. Here we take a peek into this little-known field which merges tech and creativity.

Tell us a little about your work and your background. 

I run my own visualisation studio where I provide CGI imagery to design and build companies. I provide the CGI visuals to bring their pitch to life showing their client exactly how their scheme will look. I’ve a varied client base across retail, office environments, leisure and residential. It’s a real variety. 

I’m from a design background, I completed a degree in spatial design. I worked in-house for a number of years before I decided to freelance.

HVN wellness centre

What made you decide to start your creative business?

I was fortunate that when I decided to freelance I knew I already had a large customer base. Financially, I was able to invest in my business with the latest visualisation software. I love the flexibility that my own business brings, be prepared for the admin. I’ve a great accountant! 

Where do you find inspiration and new ideas?

It’s important to embrace new technology and constant self learning and reflection. I read a lot of industry news, design publications and like to stay on top of new trends. I like to encourage my clients to be adventurous whilst staying true to the brief. Only by my own learning can I deliver to their requirements 

Residential project

Describe your typical working day


It varies! On some days I’ve multiple projects to deliver with conflicting deadlines so it’s important to manage my time well in advance. I work from home and have my own studio, so that enables me to help with the morning routine, I’ve young kids so that works really well for us as a family.

What has been the biggest highlight and biggest challenge to date?

HVN wellness centre

The highlight for me personally is always when the client comes back with new projects. Knowing I’ve delivered for them in the past builds that trust.

There are a few projects I’ve really enjoyed such as a project called HVN wellness centre for Zynk Design (above). The design concept they came up with was outstanding and the complex nature of the design meant it really pushed my skills to another level.

Biggest challenges: has to be juggling deadlines. I’ve always managed to do it but it’s meant some late nights. 


Best nugget of wisdom you can share with your fellow Creative Ducks?

It would really be to keep learning new skills and push yourself when you can.


Where can we find out more?

Find out more from my website or follow me on X, instagram or Linkedin

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