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Social Media

One-to-one Instagram Workshop - 2 Hour Package (£250 +VAT)
Instagram is a powerful and affordable marketing tool, but it can turn into a full-time job without a clear strategy. This one-to-one workshop will equip you with the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to manage your own Instagram account with confidence. Each session is tailored to suit your brand, your level of understanding and any desired focus areas. 

Typical sessions cover three key areas:


1. The Science behind Instagram

  • Marketing goals & unique selling proposition  

  • Brand values & your ideal customer 

  • Content creation, planning & scheduling


2. The Power of Visuals & Video

  • Your specific style and identity 

  • Smartphone photography and video tips

  • Creating reels

  • Creating professional graphics


3. Tactics to Grow the Account

  • Hashtag strategy 

  • Collaborations 


Workshops are held in Henley-on-Thames or virtually. You will leave with a take-home document, personalised to your business with lots of content ideas. 


Haven't started your Instagram account yet? We can set up your profile, first nine tiles and highlights to give you the professional starting block for you to continue. This, coupled with a one-to-one session will equip you with the skills and confidence to build an engaged audience, turning them into loyal customers. 


On-Going Instagram Management If you require support with managing your Instagram account, simply get in touch and we can discuss how best we can work together.