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Five trends you need to know for 2022

From joyful colour to marketing in the Metaverse, here we pick out five key trends that should be at the top of your radar for design, interiors and lifestyle.

1. Colour

Look to the colours of nature to inspire your palette choices this year. Colour forecasters Coloro’s Colour of the Year 2022 is Orchid Flower - an uplifting and energising magenta that you’ll see coming through across interiors and fashion. Meanwhile, nature-meets-the-Metaverse colour Digital Lavender is one to watch.

2. Joyful Expression

We’re not going to lie - the past two years have been a rough ride. This trend is all about a need for joy, escapism and a hefty dose of optimism, as we emerge from the Pandemic blues. This translates as neon brights, eye-popping colour and high octane pattern. Don’t be afraid to be playful with packaging, accents and accessories. The idea of colour as a mood-lifter is central to this trend - it’s all about ‘Dopamine Dressing’.

3. Nature First

This trend is about putting Nature at the centre of design: from sustainable packaging to bringing the outside in. Biophilic Design does just that - nature forms part of the design concept - from green walls and rooftops in urban planning, to the wellbeing effects of indoor plants in classrooms. Shades of green - from a soft olive to a zingy limes - will be a staple for this year.

4. Time to Heal

While we were all holed up at home, the idea of creating sanctuary spaces emerged, and this trend is only going to grow as we continue to spend more time in the domestic space. Wellbeing is the centre of this trend: interiors create calming, cocooning spaces with soft curves, cosy textures and natural materials such as wood.

5. Tech 3.0

There’s no denying it - the Metaverse is coming. This virtual world is developing at lightning speed, and it's something all brands and businesses be planning for. The concept of the Avatar Economy is emerging, as a new generation of consumers invest in accessories, clothing and NFTs for their digital life. The digital landscape is already impacting real world trends - with surreal, futuristic aesthetics and iridescent colours influencing design concepts.

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