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Five brand storytelling truths we learnt from Bremont

We went behind the scenes at Bremont's HQ, the British watchmaker's sleek state-of-the-art manufacturing hub just outside Henley-on-Thames. The experience felt like a masterclass in brand storytelling that can inspire every business.

1. Create consistency at every touchpoint

Everything about The Wing - Bremont’s HQ - conveys quality and craftsmanship. The building is all curved lines, floor-to-ceiling windows and wood cladding, cleverly blending into the fields around it. All the hallmarks of 'the home of British watchmaking' greets you as you walk in - a red telephone box and the nose of a BA plane outside; while inside, we’re taken up to the in-house bar. Decked out with velvet seating, vintage paraphernalia, a whole host of whiskeys, here we are served bubbles or freshly brewed coffee, and learn the story of the brand from its inception.

It’s impressive - and this is what Bremont does so well: from the moment you step in, you are absorbed into the brand experience, and this is just the start.

2. Double down on your USP

Of course, there are other luxury watch brands out there, but Bremont’s unique proposition is its UK manufacturing. The British company decided to switch its base from Switzerland in 2012, in a shift in strategy that saw it open The Wing last year. On average, 10,000 watches are made here each year, a meticulous process that can take up to six weeks. Inside, we walk through a pristine factory floor with hi-tech machinery, and on to the ‘workshop’. Here, each watch is built from start-to-finish by one watchmaker, a painstaking activity that involves some very strange looking ‘finger gloves’, a pair of ‘proper’ tweezers and a super-strength eyeglass.

While some brands may be tempted to keep the ‘creation process’ shrouded in mystery, Bremont does the opposite: opening the doors to take the customer on a journey of precisely how the product is made, both on its Instagram, website and IRL.

3. Know your customer

Bremont does not try to be something it’s not - it has honed its mission, ethos and customer target and every aspect of its branding reflects this. As we walk through the reception, aviation and racing paraphernalia take centre stage, alongside a display of military limited editions. Upstairs, is a photo gallery of brand ambassadors, from SAS man Jason Fox to England Rugby player Tom Curry, all displaying a rugged, resilient spirit that embodies the aspirations of its target audience.

Proudly on show are the lucrative special edition collaborations from over the years, such as its Codebreaker Watch, that incorporates historical artefacts from Bletchley Park itself. This year will see the launch of its Dambuster limited edition, as part of a partnership with the MoD. Here, Bremont focuses in on its customer’s passions and interests, seeking out partnerships that reflect this.

4. Tell your story

Bremont has successfully created a legacy brand and a heritage steeped in luxury in just 20 years. The company is proud to tell its story, from the early days when two brothers - accomplished pilots - Nick and Giles English, pitched their idea and were laughed out of the room (‘only the Swiss make watches’). The idea began following the death of their father in an aircraft accident - from then on they decided to change the path of their lives, and go back to their childhood love of restoring old timepieces in their father’s workshop.

It's this authentic story that creates an aura around the brand; but it also taps into a genuine legacy of British watchmaking that the brothers want to reignite.

5. Share your purpose

What Bremont does best is stay true to its brand ethos and purpose, something that goes far beyond a sales pitch. The brand is clearly on a mission to support British craftsmanship and manufacturing, investing heavily in technologies, and partnering with other British stalwarts such as Jaguar. With two brothers at the helm, this family business sees itself as an ambassador for UK engineering.

It’s the purpose-driven element of Bremont that drives everything and creates a sense of investment and pride in the brand, from both its employees and customers.

If you’d like to identify a clear set of brand values and your unique selling proposition for your own brand, take a look at our marketing workshops and support here.

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