This scarf has been designed with model & blogger Soraya as she like us hails from a long line of creative women. 
With a passion for travel, Soraya wanted to create something unique with a bohemian vibe and so the Soraya Shawl was created using artisinal vegtable dyes. 
Spun from modal and cashmere and printed using chemical free organic vegetable dyes, this shawl is a warm stylish wrap for your travels or keeping you stylish about town.


Measurements: Length: 250cm Width: 105cm.

Fabric: 100% modal

About Allegra

Chloe Points launched her accessories brand Allegra London in 2010, loved the world over for its colour rich designs.

The philosophy of Chloe's designs is both practical and enchanting with a focus on detail, quality and craftsmanship being truly paramount to the brand.

Chloe works alongside her expert weavers in Kashmir to create the signature diamond cashmere weave scarf and uses modern organic dye methods to create rich colour blends and patterns.

Soraya Scarf

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