This is a handmade ceramic bowl.  It has been smoke fired to allow the smoke from the fire to penetrate the clays surface to create these beautiful marks & patterns.  Textured on the exterior and polished on the inside, each piece is truly unique and a piece of art, capturing the raw excitement of fire and the calming properties of clay. 


Please note that due to the firing technique this piece is porous, so will not hold liquids. 

Size 13.5cm diameter 7cm high.


This item is not suitable for overseas shipping.


About Hannah Wilson

Hannah a ceramic artist working in Henley-on-Thames.  Hannah is  inspired by nature, texture and pattern.  She works with only simple materials and a few basic tools which through a series of slow and careful stages Hannah creates beautiful timeless finished pieces.


Smoked Fired Bowl, Spiral 2

SKU: 100134

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