This is a unique, stunning piece of Ceramic art.


Inspired by the iconic Korean Moon Jar, this spherical vessel has been glazed in a stunning Persian Blue glaze and then smoke fired. The smoke has accentuated the crackle in the glaze and given smoky tones to the naked ceramic areas. The result is a unique stunning piece of ceramic art.
The Jar has been hand built, using a coiling technique and is made from a smooth white earthenware clay. It has a short stem neck approx 1.5cm in diameter.

Stands approx. 13cm in height.

Please note the Moon Jar has not been glazed internally and therefore is not


The Jar will be wrapped in tissue paper and then ‘double boxed”, first in a recycled cardboard box and then placed inside an additional box with suitable packaging.


About Debbie Page

Debbie is a studio potter based near to Henley on Thames.  All her work is made by hand using predominantly white eatrthenware clay. Her work is inspired by traditional Korean and Japenese pottery.

Debbie's pots are built using the coil technique, slab of clay and moulds. 


Persian Blue Moon Jar

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