For those who love Kayaking, nature, outdoor sports, adrenaline and adventure, this would make the perfect gift. Inspirational quotes are added to the background to remind ourselves to pursue our dreams and never give up. 

♥ Handmade
Every artwork is made with love and care and fully customizable. 
Natural stones are securely fixed to the background and sewn to create a geometric effect. Once the rocks are fixed and sewn, hand painted figurines are added. Please note the figures are purchased from an external supplier.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any further requirements. We will be more than happy to help you configure the perfect gift. 


Materials - stones, preiser figures, thread, paper, timber frame, glass cover

↔ Size
The frame measures 22x22 cm and the display area is 16x16cm. It includes a hanger so that it can be easily installed on the wall with only one nail. The frame includes a glass screen but it was taken out during the photo session to avoid reflections.


About Valentina

Originally from a small town in South East Spain, Valentina developed her passion for painting from a very early age.

Having moved to the Uk in 2015 Valentina successfully combines a demanding profession as an architect with the freedon and playfulness of painting, always testing her creative limits in both activities.  As Valentina puts it, "Change is intrinsic to our lives and it is for us to embrace it".


Kayak - Framed Adventures

Frame Colour
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