Stib Inspirational Mini Colouring Pencils come in a brightly striped pack & include 10 vibrant colours with a 'positive, inspirational' word embossed on each. These words have all been matched with an animal character, that together form The Stiblers. Each pack of pencils contains a specially designed sheet of Stibler colouring templates, with game ideas and a bright orange double pencil sharpener.


Words to Inspire...

The Stib words aren’t just there to be another set of rules but rather to inspire our young minds to think about the way they look at the world and explore some fresh ideas to help them with life’s lumps and bumps. Our children can’t all be problem solvers, big thinkers or joy finders every minute of every day, but when they meet a tricky situation, it’s worth remembering what makes them pretty special in the first place and to give new behaviours a try.

Words: Peace Keeper, Earth Lover, Joy Finder, Big Thinker, Self Believer, World Changer, Story Teller, Problem Solver, Good Listener, Freestyler


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About Stib

Stib was founded by Buckinghamshire based mother of two and entrepreneur, Emily Sayer. Before the itch to develop a product took over, she co-founded a not-for-profit organisation called Radar to engage marginalised and remote communities to use their mobile phones documenting and communicating about the issues that matter most to them.

Stib is a purposeful business, aiming to inspire children to create a world to be proud of. Stib believes in the potential of all children to do amazing things, which is why they give 10% of our profits to education projects supporting vulnerable children in the UK & overseas.

Inspirational Mini Colouring Pencils

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