This original painting explores colour, texture, form and contrast. How the paint is applied by listening to music, what the music effects it has on the hand and mind.

Inspired by the forces of nature, sea, coast of Devon and Cornwall. 

Acrylic on Canvas


Size 45cm x 61cm


About Lucy Gabrielle

Artist Lucy Gabrielle creates bold, colourful painting inspired by her experiences and interest in the forces of nature and how man cannot control them. She explores colour, texture, movement and light using acrylics and mixed media on canvas. When creating, she becomes completely immersed in music, helping her to put movement and rhythm into the painting.


Lucy has been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. In everyday life she like things to be predictable and ordered, but in her paintings she reveals a different aspect of herself. People are often surprised that such exciting work has come from inside her – giving them an insight into her and revealing she is not just a quiet person. Lucy has exhibited at a range of venues including Reading Arts Week and Cornerstone Gallery.

August Bank Holiday 2. Original Painting.

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