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How to be heard on Social Media


How to be heard on Social Media  (by thinking like a journalist)

This talk is designed for small business owners who are responsible for creating content for their social media, website or marketing.

It is suited to anyone who feels they’re struggling to stand out and be heard above the amount of ‘noise’ on social media. By learning some ‘tips of the trade’ used by journalists, you will be able to create stronger content that cuts through the noise and allows your distinct voice to be heard in an over-crowed marketplace. 


Participants will feel empowered to go away and create content for their business with clarity on what to include, what not to include, what successful content looks like and how to plan it.

Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of how professional journalists build their readership

  • Why subscribers are more valuable than readers and how to create them

  • How to write in ‘house style’ to stand out

  • Expert advice on how to find the right angle for a story (ie post)

  • New ideas for how to find ‘stories’ and generate content

  • Greater confidence in how to create content that serves its purpose and doesn’t just add to the ‘noise’


  • How Journalists Think

  • Identifying your Readership

  • Moving from Readers to Subscribers

  • Understanding your House Style

  • Finding the Right Angle

  • Tricks of the Trade


Polly Berrido

“Polly is a breath of fresh air and her enthusiasm makes the speech so interesting, inspiring us all to refresh our approach to social media content.”

“Thank you for such a well thought-through presentation. It was just the right balance of information and learning but not overwhelming or unachievable.”

“I learned SO much, it was really useful and had made me feel inspired to make my words as important as my pictures on Instagram”


Polly is the founder of HUMAN to HUMAN, a specialist content creation agency working with small to medium businesses to make the most of your website and social media channels. Human to Human publishes high-quality, editorial-standard content including blogs, tweets, articles, posts, e-books and newsletters.


How To Book

Monday 28th March, 7.30pm - 8pm (relaxed networking),
8pm - 8.45pm (talk followed by a Q&A session) 

Hotel du Vin, Henley - £15 

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