Instagram Reels for Small Businesses - Free Guide


Understand how this entertaining new feature can be used as a marketing tool.

This short guide has been developed for small business owners that manage their own social media activity.

Just as we've got our heads around Instagram Stories, they release a new feature to keep us on our toes. It's important to say here that you do NOT have to use Reels to succeed. It is just one of your tools in your overall marketing kitbag.

But it's good to be curious and informed. There are many helpful online tutorials that take you through the HOW side to Reels. This guide focuses on WHY small businesses may wish to use Instagram Reels as a marketing tool. 


I hope you find it useful. If you need any advice or support with your marketing, pop me an email and I will explain how I can help; sarah@thecreativeduck.co.uk

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