An Introduction to Google Ads


An Introduction to Google Ads

Join us for an online talk with Elaine Pasini, Digital Marketing Expert.

Elaine will introduce us to the world of Google Advertising.

When people search on Google, they’re looking for something specific. That means they have intent. They’re actively looking for something to buy or find an answer to. They’re literally telling you (as a website owner) what they want by typing out words around your products and services. It’s what they think they need, and by taking out an Ad, you’re using those words to bring them towards your business.  That’s why Google Ads are so powerful (and profitable).


Elaine will introduce us to the world of Google Ads and you will come away with the knowledge and the confidence that you have know WHY research is key, HOW to implement, and WHAT you need to track those Ads.  

What you will learn:

  • The difference between Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO

  • What you will need on your website to get started for a Google Ad campaign

  • Keyword research before you start your campaign

  • Product or service copy advice

  • Timings for campaigns

  • Average conversion rates of PPC

  • Minimum spend

  • Strategy tips

  • Understanding why your website pages need good content (to help convert)

  • Why ads are great for brand awareness



Elaine Pasini, Pickle Ginger Marketing

Elaine is an experienced SEO & Digital Marketer, specialising in optimised content for Google' s ranking factor.  Working with progressive businesses to generate leads online through content, technical SEO, link building and Google Ads.



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How To Book

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Monday 18th January 2021

11am - 12pm | Zoom Conference | ("Doors" open at 10:50pm) This event will be hosted on Zoom.  
Tickets £30


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