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Nurture, Sleep, Repeat


We loved working with Nicola Judd on Nurture Sleep Repeat.  The business was brand-new and Nicola wanted her Instagram Business account set up. We created the profile, highlights and first 24 posts as well as providing training so Nicola could manage her own account herself.

The very nature of Nicola's business is kind and gentle.  We really wanted to capture this ethos throughout every element of her brand.  

The Creative Duck do not actively manage the social media account or website.

'Wow!! Thank you so much Sarah. It's amazing to see my ideas on paper! I am now very excited to get started! Thank you for being so efficient and getting that all in a plan so quickly. Massively appreciated and so happy that you 'get me'. 

Nicola Judd - Nurture | Sleep | Repeat

Contact us

Marketing & Social Media - please drop Sarah an email.

Websites & Graphic Design - please book a 15min call/Zoom or email Nicola.

Copywriting - please drop Joey an email.

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