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Joanna Spriggs


Joanna Spriggs is an established and trusted Reflexologist in Henley-on-Thames, offering bespoke treatments and holistic wellbeing products.

Joanna's website was in need of an update and didn't reflect her current business. Not only had the range of treatments expanded but she was also launching a wellbeing collection for her clients to extend their self-care at home.

The Creative Duck do not actively manage the maintenance of this site.

Thank you so much Nicola for creating and designing a fabulous website for me. It not only highlights my work, but also brilliantly showcases my wellbeing collection.

It is exactly what I envisioned - sophisticated, calming and inspiring.

Thank you also to Joey and Sarah for helping me with punchy copy and to educating me on my social media presence, is there anything you ladies can't do?! Superb team effort. I LOVE it, thank you so much. I've already had such positive feedback.

Joanna Spriggs - Reflexology and Wellbeing

Contact us

Marketing & Social Media - please drop Sarah an email.

Websites & Graphic Design - please book a 15min call/Zoom or email Nicola.

Copywriting - please drop Joey an email.

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