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Henley Children's Theatre


Henley Children's Theatre is a local institution to us!
As with lots of children's clubs being able to manage bookings via a website can make life so much easier, not just for the parents but also for the organisers.
When we were approached to design the HCT website we were able to say with confidence that Wix is a platform which can be easily managed by someone who isn't confident in using tech.
We refreshed the branding and set up the site as well as giving a thorougher hand over so that they felt confident in managing the bookings function.
We continue to work with HCT and have also designed their seasonal pantomime posters.

The Creative Duck do not actively manage the maintenance of this site.

Contact us

Marketing & Social Media - please drop Sarah an email.

Websites & Graphic Design - please book a 15min call/Zoom or email Nicola.

Copywriting - please drop Joey an email.

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