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Fingers & Forks


It is a pleasure to work with the Fingers and Forks Catering team, helping share their brand story on social media. The catering and events team focus primarily on weddings and private events in and around the Oxfordshire area and have won multiple awards. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting images of their mouth-watering culinary creations. The speed and efficiency they are able to provide any information needed for content creation purposes is a testament to their superior level of service; it's truly impressive.

"Sarah’s personal touch appealed to us. Her creativity and understanding of the social media world is second to none. We love her flair, she really understands our business and how social media should be used to promote our brand and our standing in the marketplace".

Debbie Cadman, Fingers & Forks Catering | Events

Contact us

Marketing & Social Media - please drop Sarah an email.

Websites & Graphic Design - please book a 15min call/Zoom or email Nicola.

Copywriting - please drop Joey an email.

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