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As an established, growing eCommerce business Chefi wanted to modernise their website to reflect their beautiful hand crafted product. The clients photos really standout on the website, showcasing to the customer the quality of the products.

The Creative Duck do not actively manage the maintenance of this site.

"Nicola has done an incredible job. It is a distinct pleasure for me to highly recommend Nicola Nott to everyone out there who wants to get their website customised. There has been a tremendous increase in the customer engagement since the website is live. She has been extremely helpful in guiding me through the whole process. Chefi website is back in business with an attractive and effective look. I would like to thank Nicola for her patience ,efficiency and diligence in meeting all my requests for my website development. A true professional."

Contact us

Marketing & Social Media - please drop Sarah an email.

Websites & Graphic Design - please book a 15min call/Zoom or email Nicola.

Copywriting - please drop Joey an email.

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